A Brief History of Milford UMC

The beginning of Methodism in Milford began with visits from circuit riders, arriving by river from Stroudsburg. In 1826, Judge & Mrs. John Brink, who were members of the first “Methodist Society” in Milford, donated the land on which the original Methodist Episcopal Church was built. This building was erected on what is now known as Milford Beach. Seasonal river flooding forced its relocation, and in about 1835 the judge exchanged the original property for a site on East Ann Street. The original church was taken down in sections and moved to its new location; which is the current church’s parking lot. During the Civil War years the building of a new church was undertaken. It was dedicated on July 10, 1864, and is the sanctuary that we use today.

Other dates of interest:

1874:     The church bell, inscribed “Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy gates” was installed in the tower.

1879:     Building of a parsonage began, with an approved budget not to exceed $1200.

1962:     By the early 1960’s overcrowded Sunday School classes motivated a campaign to add an educational building onto the church. The Education wing was dedicated on Dec. 9, 1962.

1989:     Sanctuary and education building were severely damaged in a fire caused by arson. The Stained glass windows were saved by swift response of local volunteer firefighters. During the 5 ½ month reconstruction period, worship services were briefly held in cooperation with Matamoras Methodist Church, followed by winter rental of the Milford Theater.

Easter 1990:        The congregation returned to its newly-reconstructed sanctuary

As an older member of the community, Milford UMC lives with a unique blend of old-time traditions and vibrant new life, which challenges us to continue to grow while remembering our past. We welcome all people and encourage them to find their God-given potential in our Christian fellowship.

3 thoughts on “A Brief History of Milford UMC

  1. Hi Fran! Thanks for your inquiry. You can get the application for the festivals, and the dates, by calling the church office at 570-296-6124.

  2. Hello. We are looking for a photograph of Rev. John W Agard (1811-1881) who are records show may have been a minister in your church. He was a member of Jerusalem Temple Masonic Lodge #90 in Aurora IL and we would use it for our board in the lodge. Thank you for any help. essig8760@comcast.net


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