Rev. Dr. Lloyd Kenyon to teach Fall Class

Rev. Dr. Lloyd Kenyon will be back for the 2nd year to lead a fall series of Adult Education classes on Thursday nights, September 29 to October 27, at the Milford United Methodist Church, 206 East Ann St., Milford, PA. At 6:30 p.m. delicious desserts are served by the ladies of the church, and the adult education class is from 7:00 to 8:00. This has become a popular addition to Rev. Kenyon’s Lenten Lectures and all are welcome. Last year’s classes drew well over 50 people each week from four Roman Catholic and six Protestant churches in our community.
This year the Rev. Dr. Kenyon will present his understanding of the Bible. The subject will be divided into two parts. First we shall ask, “What IS the Bible? Where and when was it written? And who determined what books should be included?” The second section deals with what the Bible says about contemporary subjects such as suffering, science, and sex. Come to Milford United Methodist Church beginning on Thursday, September 29th to learn about these topics and deepen your understanding of your Bible. For more information, please call the Methodist church at 570-296-6124.

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